BATMAN #84 Recruits New Artist

Credit: Jorge Fornes (DC)

Credit: Mikel Janin (DC)

Artist Jorge Fornes will draw December 4’s Batman #84.

Originally solicited to be drawn by primary series artist Mikel Janin, Batman #84 is the penultimate issue of Janin’s and writer Tom King’s run on the title. Janin remains solicited to draw #85, their finale.

DC has not specified the reason for the change, however tweets from the publisher dating back to November 7 about the issue tag Fornes when revealing new art.

Here is the updated solicitation:

written by TOM KING
cover by MIKEL JANIN
card stock variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA
“City of Bane” chapter eleven! The end is near as one victory leads to another defeat. As Batman reclaims his city from Bane, can he regain his sense of family? More specifically, when a man who is your father from another dimension has torn everything down around you, what will it take to build it back up? Especially when that man is currently staring you in the face and threatening to punch it. The final battle for Gotham City…and the cowl of the Caped Crusader…starts here!
ON SALE 12.04.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

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